Base: 7.5 feet wide X 12 feet long All-in Weight of entire base & Crane: 12,000 lbs
Lowest height to top of post: 8.83 feet (106” high) Weight of arm & counterweight: 3291 Lbs
Hydraulic post: 3 stage telescope up to 13 feet Base weight: 8709 lbs
Highest underslung lens height: 51 feet Fuel: Gasoline or Propane


The new Frog Base is specifically designed for the SuperTechno 50, making it an incredibly efficient way to drive to multiple areas around an exterior location. The Frog Base eliminates the need for extra manpower and is much easier and considerably safer to re-position in a variety of terrains. The entire crane & base come in a custom heavy-duty trailer specifically designed to quickly swap conventional base (for tracking shots) & frog base without the need for an additional cost of a forklift. Once the position has been found, it takes minutes to level the base with its hydraulic levelers, and post up to desired height with its custom hydraulic post. The weights always ride on the base, eliminating the need for weight carts and additional gear to unload & move. With it’s Dana 70 front & rear four-wheel drive axles, the frog base is the efficiency solution that the 50’ Supertechno has been lacking. The Frog Base’s four cylinder Ford motor is dual fuel so it runs on regular gas or Propane for stage use.


  • $750/day (4-day week)