The new Krawler Base™ is specifically designed for the 30’ Moviebird crane (17’ or 24’ Moviebird cranes by special arrangement), making it an incredibly efficient way to drive to multiple areas around an exterior location and achieve amazing shots. The Krawler™ eliminates the need for extra manpower and is much easier—and considerably safer—to re-position in a variety of terrains. The entire crane and base come in a custom-designed heavy-duty trailer. Once the position has been found, it takes less than a minute to level the base with its hydraulic quick-leveling post, and post up to desired height to achieve amazing shots. The weights always ride on the base, eliminating the need for weight carts and additional gear to unload and move. With six-wheel drive and a 120Ah on-board Lithium Ion battery system for all day remote power, the Krawler™ is the efficient solution that the studio version 30’ Moviebird has been lacking.