The Cartoni eCube mechanics and our high precision electronics make the Pan bar an alternative solution for pan and tilt control for our remote heads, in situations where handwheels might be too complex.

The fluid units on both pan and tilt modes are the patented Cartoni continuous fluid modules.

Two telescopic pan bars are coupled to the horizontal shaft and carry 2 sliding counterweights to compensate the weight of lens controller attached to the bar.

A series of connectors are conveniently placed on the front panel to connect the encoders to the remote head.


  • Max Payload capacity: 30kg/55lbs
  • Min Payload capacity: 0kg
  • Weight: 4.1kg/9lbs
  • Pan range: 360 degrees without endstop
  • Tilt range: 90 degrees without end stop
  • Fluid drag: Continuous
  • Bowl Diameter: 100mm


  • $300/day