The roll axis slides onto the Mo-Sys Lambda tilt arm to provide a 3rd axis on set within seconds. It provides continuous 360 degree rotation with the crisp and precise responsiveness that is trademark Mo-Sys.

  • Swappable in minutes
  • Unrivaled ease of adjustment and positioning
  • 360 degree roll, even with heavy payload
  • Fast 120 deg/sec roll rate
  • Precision gearing suitable for motion control

The roll axis has been designed to work with full professional film camera packages and allows continuous 360 degree rotation with large cameras (e.g. an Arriflex 435 with 300′ magazine).

With fast 120 degree/sec roll rate and precision gearing, it fits perfectly with the Lambda head to provide the user with a responsive remote head or motion control package.

Once the camera is mounted inside the roll axis, the user can adjust the axis position to balance the load and shift the camera nodal point without the need for special tools.


  • $300/day