Mo-Sys_Exim_G-60Mo-Sys’ family of precision products for film production are designed and built to give directors and DOP’s the tools to create new and imaginative imagery. Our remote controlled heads have been used on many major feature films including recently Life of Pi and Gravity, and are preferred by camera operators and grips for their strength, responsiveness and immediacy.

Our latest addition is the  Exim G60 designed in response to operator’s demands for a high load capacity head perfect for gyro stabilization and maintains Mo-Sys’ reputation as manufacturers of high precision, responsive remote heads.

The heavy duty Exim G60 is gyro-stabilized with zero backlash and ultra-responsive drive units. It features large through-holes in the centre of each drive unit eliminating the need for slip rings. Designed with heavyweight camera packages in mind, the cradle is adjustable to carry all regularly used cameras up to a maximum payload of 60 kg making it perfect for 3D rigs and Imax cameras. The design of the cradle also makes it possible to pan left and right, even with the camera pointing directly downwards.

The Exim G60 is controlled with its highly intuitive touch screen console and with traditional pan bar, joy stick or hand-wheels inputs. Motion data can be exported for use in VFX post-production and for pre-vis compositing with Mo-Sys’ on-set compositing system Genie. The Exim G60 also features recordable and repeatable camera moves as standard.

The Exim G60 is a first fully digital high capacity gyro-stabilized head you can buy.